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Tied to the Roots

Produced in my college radio station, I am the co-host of this AAPI-centric podcast that speaks on issues of representation and inclusivity in the modern day context. Tied to the Roots is a look into the conversations of two relatable Asian-American college students who love to ramble. From nostalgic ethnic dishes to empowering immigrant experiences, we dive into the nitty-gritty details about everything and nothing at the same time. We highlight issues of representation and inclusivity in the modern-day context.

Melting Pot
Digital Museum

My passion project for a class at BU. A digital museum that showcases a collection stories from different immigrant experiences in America. Stories of the untold and unrepresented parts of the American immigrant journey. Narratives of how such individuals connect with their culture. Throughout my junior fall semester, I studied the immigration policies and narratives that shape the system in the U.S. today and searched for people who had unique experiences related to migration. 

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Now You Don't
Short Film

Final project for the National Student Leaders Conference summer program. 

"Now You Don't" is a dramatic short film about a girl's past trauma that I directed and edited. 

We Are Okay
TV Show Pitch Deck

Final project for the School of the New York Times television producing summer program. 

"We Are Okay" is pitch deck for an entirely original TV show. Click on the image to view my story concept and visualizations of the imagined world.

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AKPSi DE&I Night Presentation

Slideshow presentation prepared for a recruitment event. As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director of AKPSi, a professional business fraternity, I presented this in front of 50+ recruits.

The presentation includes a DEI statement, a imposter syndrome workshop, and an implicit bias activity.

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